EPDS Racing aims to bring you all the fun of owning a racehorse at a fraction of the cost, whilst maintaining an ethical approach, where the welfare of the horse is of the highest priority. We have horses with Rebecca Menzies in County Durham, Noel Williams in Blewbury, Robin Dickin in Stratford, Graeme McPherson in Stow on the Wold, Jamie Snowden in Lambourn, Fergal O’Brien in Naunton, and Louisa Carberry in Senonnes. We try to ensure that our horses are trained holistically (something which is vital to our ethical approach), with plenty of turn out, fibre based feed and a varied training regime. We also have a strict rehoming policy, which ensures that all of our horses are suitably re-homed upon their retirement from racing – something of which we are exceptionally proud and not something offered by all syndicates!

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