Formal Launch of the EPDS Charity Racing Club!

Would you like to enjoy the thrills of Racehorse Ownership & help a Racing Charity?Agent Gibbs


Since EPDS Racing was formed back in 2011, we have always run a Racing Club as a way for people to get involved in Racing at a fraction of the cost of Share Ownership. Many people have enjoyed days to the races as members of our Racing Club, but we have decided this year that we would like to give more back to the sport, and we were hoping that our members could assist!

The EPDS Racing Charity Racing Club was born…


Set up as a way to encourage Ownership whilst supporting the sport, the Charity Racing Club owns 2.5% of all EPDS Racing Partnership Horses in Training. Our chosen Charity for this year is Racing Welfare, a charity that provides help and support to anyone who is working, or has worked in the thoroughbred horse racing and breeding industry.

Each year, a share of all prize money won by the Partnership Horses will be donated to Racing Welfare. With fourteen Horses running for them, this will soon mount up, and could go towards funding vital services for those in the industry. The more Racing Club members we have involved, the higher the level of donation we will be making in your name. This prize money will be in addition to a £100 monthly donation (regardless of the Horses successes on the course!), and ongoing sponsorship of the EPDS Racing / Racing Welfare Best Turned Out Series.

Membership of the Racing Club is for the period January to December 2016 after which time the member will then have the option to renew. Becoming a club member is a great start for those looking for their first involvement in National Hunt racing and will afford members the opportunity to attend races as owners, visit the yards on our Members’ visits and to receive the weekly email updates on all the EPDS horses all whilst supporting Racing Welfare.


The Charity Racing Club has the following Horses running for the benefit Racing Welfare:

Money Maid | Asuncion | Dontminddboys | Kincora Fort | Anti Cool | Celtic Artisan | Ami Desbois | Wildehearted Woman | Agent Gibbs | Daliance | Londonia | Our Reward | Stynes | Unnamed Flemensfirth

Stabled across the UK with:

Rebecca Menzies | Robin Dickin | Graeme McPherson | Noel Williams | Jamie Snowden | Ali Stronge



What are you waiting for? You can support a Racing Charity and see the industry as an Owner. There are 60 spaces available in total. Don’t miss out, get in touch today!