Our Team

At EPDS, we have a small team of hard workers which ensures you the best race-going experience. They work tirelessly to provide members with regular updates about the horses, and ensure that members get to see the horses at home on organised yard visits and open mornings.


john powellJohn Powell – Managing Director

An avid fan from a young age, John’s love of the sport began with cutting across York Racecourse on his way home from school, just in time to catch the last few races! Some of his early racing heroes include Wayward Lad, Desert Orchid, Lucideo and Triptych. After many years of following the sport, John finally decided to get involved and set up EPDS Racing, with the aim to make ownership accessible for all – offering various entry levels in two horses. Since then, the organisation has grown to a team of 18 horses in training in yards across the UK and in France. John’s role within the organisation includes the purchase of new acquisitions, liaising with trainers regarding race strategy and looking out for new business opportunities.


TraceyTracey Sloan – Managing Partner

The ethos behind EPDS Racing is very important, and in order to uphold our values, Tracey is the managing partner of our sister organisation, EPDS Equine. She has invested a great amount of time and effort into creating a centre for retirement and retraining at our livery yard, Ufton Green Farm. At present, this is home to several of our ex-racehorses. It is here that Tracey allows time for racing to leave their systems and focusses on providing them with fibre based feeds and various supplements before doing extensive groundwork with them to ensure they are suitable for rehoming. Tracey also has a role within EPDS Racing, an important sounding board regarding the health and wellbeing of all of our horses in training.


EllieEllenor Barefield – Client & Communications Manager

Ellie is tasked with keeping John in line and liaising with members and accountants alike! The newest member of our team, Ellie has focussed her efforts into maintaining our database and building a lovely portfolio of images for our members to enjoy. She is everyone’s favourite person when it comes to the sending out of prize money, and is always on hand for queries and updates about all of the horses. She has been a keen racing fan after becoming involved with EPDS Racing for the start of our journey back in 2012, and has often been the ambassador for the organisation at race meetings and open days. Because of this, it is great to have her on board – we are excited to have her running operations and looking into new charity schemes for the coming season at EPDS HQ!