Yard Visit to Robin Dickin Racing

It was lovely to get the EPDS Racing team up to Alne Park this morning to see our lovely Horses in training with Robin Dickin Racing! Many thanks to all of you who joined us.

We seemed to have picked the worst of the weather to brave as of late, but it was great to see that even the howling gales and sleet weren’t enough to keep the members at home!

robin dickin visit 1                         robin dickin visit 2

In spite of a challenging season with both Anti Cool and Dontminddboys, they both looked absolutely fantastic this morning – a credit to the team there. They were a pleasure to watch even though both are now
doing only light exercise, and it was really kind of the staff to get them tacked up and our on show for us while we were visiting!


robin dickin visit 4Members got to experience just what it’s like to get up close to a galloping horse, something which ‘health and safety’ doesn’t like to permit on many racecourses anymore! Standing right alongside Robin’s gallop you could really get a feel for the power and strength that these thoroughbreds have. The controversial argument of ‘forcing horses to race’ really is put into perspective when you see this, in my opinion, as nothing could look more natural! It is always wonderful to see Horses with a naturally competitive spirit enjoying their work at home.

Members got to enjoy seeing Robin’s festival prospect, Thomas Crapper, popping a hurdle in the school, and got the inside track on Robin’s runners for the week! It is always interesting to hear trainers speak about the Horses in their care – how each has their nuances and the lengrobin dickin visit 3ths that trainers go to, to accommodate them on the racecourse to give horses the best possible chance. It is clear that the role of the modern trainer is not as simple as having good horsemanship skills. Considerations such as groun d conditions, soil types at various locations in the UK, racecourse drainage, headgear options, tongue tie options, the use of conditional vs professional jockeys, race tactics, planning and handicapping all play such huge factors that trainers have to have a huge range of expertise to give their horses the best possible chance of a win. It’s fascinating to hear these things first hand!


It always feels like a long time when you are waiting for factors to come right for a horse. We have to wait for much better ground before trying Anti Cool again, and we’ll be going full cycle by waiting for the winter ground next season before seeing Dontminddboys. It’s always great to get owners up to our various yards for their ‘horse-fix’, even if right now they can’t get it on a racecourse. By the time we g et our ground (for them both!), it will be like having two new horses again. We can’t wait, keeping everything crossed!